New Zealand!


UPDATE: You may now read my father's written journal from the trip at

In February 2004, my father and I spent three weeks vacationing in New Zealand. During that time, I starting keeping the notes contained herein about the trip. Mostly they were for friends and family to keep track of what I was up to, as we did not have a set travel itinerary and so were hard to reach. I have since added scans of over 150 photos I took on the trip and placed them where they make sense in the journal.

Please note, the text is full of errors! I am aware of this, and I may go clean it up later, but it is currently preserved as it was originally typed, either late at night or often while on a bumpy road.

As we left, we had only arranged flights, a rental car and our first three nights of hotel. Everything else was done as we went, although being Lord of the Rings fans (books and films), we used filming locations as waypoints to hit so we had some sort of plan in that respect, though not what we'd see or when.

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